Fire Safety

EHS&RM is charged with promoting a safe learning, working and living environment for the Institute. Our health, safety and fire programs provide services and guidance to campus students, faculty, staff and visitors. 

Annual Fire Safety Report: Institutions with on‐campus student housing must publish an annual fire safety report that provides information regarding all fire safety procedures and standards. This information includes number and cause of all fires at student housing on campus, number of fire‐related deaths, related injuries, value of property damage as a result of the fire, information on evacuation procedures, fire safety education and training programs, fire safety systems in all Residence Halls, number of supervised fire drills, and policies on portable electronic appliances, smoking and open flames. Three (3) years of data must be displayed.

If a fire occurs in any building, community members should immediately notify Public Safety's emergency phone number by calling (518) 276‐6611 from any phone, and Public Safety will contact the Troy Fire Department and allow a fast response to the incident. The nearest fire pull station should also be safely activated, if possible.

The campus fire alarm systems alert community members of potential hazards. Community members are required to heed an activated fire alarm system and evacuate the building immediately via the nearest available exit, and should therefore familiarize themselves with the exits in each building.

Occupants should use the stairs to evacuate the building. If you are caught in the elevator, push the emergency phone button. The emergency phones in elevators on campus ring to Public Safety.

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