Laboratory and Chemical Safety

Laboratory Services

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is committed to keeping faculty, staff and students safe while working in Rensselaer laboratories. The Chemical and Laboratory Safety Program provides support and services to establish and maintain safety and compliance in our research and teaching laboratories.

The Laboratory Safety Program provides targeted health and safety services to support RPI's academic and research laboratories. Collectively, the EHS&RM team includes individuals with previous experience as scientific researchers as well as safety and regulatory expertise. The group provides specialized laboratory safety consultations on chemical and physical hazards, as well as guidance to laboratories so they can meet their regulatory compliance requirements. Specific program services may include:

  • Hazard and risk assessment, SOP review and approval for use of high risk chemicals and processes
  • Provide specialized training on chemical and physical hazards
  • Review of chemical use with research animals
  • Lab safety inspection
  • Chemical fume hood certification
  • Review and assist with lab construction, lab start-up, lab moves, lab renovation plan review, and lab decommissioning
  • Code review for compliance to lab safety standards and regulations
  • Incident/accident investigation and follow up
  • Other lab safety consultation (new laboratory, lab and equipment decommissioning, minors and volunteers)
  • Development of policies, procedures and practices for safe work in the laboratory
  • DEA controlled substance or precursor authorizations
  • Coordination with outside agencies regarding regulatory inspections
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